Welcome to the Nikiski Community Council!

The Council is active in the unincorporated North Kenai Peninsula area ranging north of the Kenai City limits. The Council is a silent voice representing the community’s unique lifestyles and quality of life.There are many businesses in the community that are in alignment with the slower pace of life, yet represent the richness of resources, the value of abundant wildlife, and splendor of the great outdoors with magnificent views.

The Kenai Peninsula schools in our communities continue to yield some of the most outstanding citizens that God created and is the source of great community pride for their efforts. Nikiski is called home by its residents for the serene and rich quality of life that Alaska offers and we are proud of our community. Thanks for feeling the excitement for our home as you explore this site, and tell others about us. We proudly offer this web site so that you can enjoy why we live here, get a sense of our community spirit, and look in to some of our community deeds.