Meeting Bulletin #7: Integrating Local Violence Reduction Efforts; State and Federal Support

在11月的两次会议上, Working Group outlines the importance of strong local leadership to a successful anti-violence strategy, and what the state and federal governments should do to provide support.

UpClose with Janelle Melohn


Meeting Bulletin #6: Victimization, Trauma, Mental Health, and Violent Crime

At its eighth meeting, the Violent Crime Working Group examines impacts of victimization and trauma on mental health and violent crime.

UpClose with Jessica Hulsey

在10月份的会员专题, 成瘾政策论坛创始人兼首席执行官杰西卡·赫尔西讨论了大流行给药物使用障碍患者带来的独特挑战.

Event Recording: Collaborative Approaches to Reducing Community Gun Violence


2021年9月更新:美国的流行病、社会动荡和犯罪.S. Cities

CCJ的一项新分析着眼于美国主要的犯罪趋势.S. 到2021年前9个月.


At two sessions in October, the Violent Crime Working Group highlights the promise of key violence reduction strategies, 现在提供指导来帮助领导者.


在九月的两会上, the Working Group highlights the promise of four key violence reduction strategies, 提供指导,帮助领导者启动项目.


This brief summarizes key takeaways based on the newly issued FBI report as well as historical and more recent data.


This two-page document outlines the package of 16 assessments to help police agencies provide effective, equitable, 尊重他们宣誓保护的所有人.




暴力犯罪工作小组第三次会议, 委员们讨论暴力罪行的演变性质.


The first national report on recidivism rates in three years is just out from the Justice Department. In a new brief, 安理会强调了关键的收获, 注意到重返监狱的比率已经显著下降.

UpClose with Alex Piquero

Dr. Alex Piquero, 迈阿密大学社会学系系主任, discusses his research on the increase in domestic violence during the pandemic and shares some thoughts on police reform.


在暴力犯罪工作组第二次会议上, members identified the possible drivers of recent spikes in violent crime.


Watch researchers, analysts, 及委员会成员讨论最近上升的犯罪趋势, 以及它们背后的东西.

UpClose with Wendy Still

Wendy Still shares how community supervision has shifted to include a more holistic, needs-based approach and the way that her work implements these newer practices.


在暴力犯罪工作组第一次会议上, diverse experts identified the values and goals they will bring to their urgent work.

更新:美国的流行病、社会动荡和犯罪.S. Cities





Eduardo Bocanegra讨论了他的组织在努力减少城市枪支暴力时所面临的挑战,以及他对刑事司法的看法.

Event Recording: Congressional Briefing | Criminal Justice After the Pandemic

Led by former U.S. Attorneys General Hon. 阿尔伯特·冈萨雷斯和洛蕾塔·林奇, the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice issued recommendations for a post-pandemic world.

UpClose with Cynthia Lum

Dr. Cynthia Lum discusses what lies ahead for American law enforcement and the key barriers to reform.


这个更新的分析探讨了暴力的趋势, property, 以及2021年3月为止的COVID-19大流行期间的毒品犯罪.


Expert panelists discussed rising homicide rates and how we can address them proactively.

新报告显示美国杀人案件继续上升.S. Cities in 2021

Homicide rates remain below historical highs, but figures show 49% increase over same period in 2019.

Task Force Highlights Five Priorities for Reforms to Reduce Police Use of Excessive Force, Boost Accountability

警务特别工作组(Task Force on Policing)确定了最有可能产生影响的五项执法变革.


阿片类药物危机期间, evidence suggests that COVID-19 and associated policies negatively impacted people with substance use disorders.

UpClose with Dan Meyer

Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. 创始人Dan Meyer讲述了他建立品牌的使命, create jobs, and change lives through employment and whole life coaching in Cincinnati.


Members of the Council, Board of Trustees, task forces, and staff share perspectives following the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.

Task Force Backs Series of Reforms to Boost Policy Accountability for Excessive Force, Other Misconduct

The Task Force on Policing found that increased government oversight, body-worn cameras, and a national database of decertified officers could enhance accountability and transparency in law enforcement.

States that Conducted Mass Coronavirus Testing in Prisons Reported Fewer COVID-19 Deaths Among Incarcerated Adults



有证据表明,更多的测试, early testing, and early mass testing may have been strategies that helped states achieve lower rates of COVID-19 mortality behind bars.



特别工作组呼吁彻底改革美国经济.S. 警察训练,减少使用武力的国家标准

The Task Force on Policing concludes police training must focus more on critical communication and de-escalation skills.

Watch: Task Force Members Discuss First Briefs on Duty to Intervene, No-Knock Warrants, Chokeholds

特遣队成员DeRay Mckesson, Sheriff Rosie Rivera, and Tashante McCoy-Ham joined director Nancy La Vigne for a conversation about their first set of recommendations.


A panel of violence reduction experts gather for a conversation on community-based strategies to reduce violent crime.

新的分析显示美国经济增长了8%.S. Domestic Violence Incidents Following Pandemic Stay-At-Home Orders

国家COVID-19和og体育赛事平台今天发布的一份报告显示,美国的家庭暴力事件.S. increased by 8.1% following the imposition of lockdown orders during the 2020 pandemic.


Advancing knowledge about the impacts of the pandemic on domestic violence, a review of multiple studies comparing incidents of abuse before and after jurisdictions began imposing lockdowns finds an 8.1% increase.

Task Force on Policing Releases Comprehensive Collection of Data on U.S. Law Enforcement

In addition to banning chokeholds and restricting use of no-knock warrants, the Task Force on Policing surmised that requiring officer intervention key increase accountability amongst law enforcement.

Marc Levin: DOJ Charging Memo Recission Aids Prosecutorial Discretion

CCJ Chief Policy Counsel Marc Levin shares his perspective on the U.S. Department of Justice's role in complicating prosecutorial discretion.

新数据显示美国凶杀案件急剧上升.S. Cities in 2020

Despite increase, homicide rates remain well below historical highs.



Task Force on Policing Backs Three Key Reforms to Reduce Police Use of Force, Increase Accountability

In addition to banning chokeholds and restricting use of no-knock warrants, the Task Force on Policing surmised that requiring officer intervention key increase accountability amongst law enforcement.


随着工作队完成对旨在减少使用武力和加强问责制的警务改革的首次评估, armed civilians invaded our nation’s Capitol in a violent insurrection broadcast live in millions of American living rooms.

Top National Criminal Justice Expert, Marc Levin, Joins Council on Criminal Justice Team

Cumberbatch, Warren, Bailey Promoted as Staff Grows, Diversifies WASHINGTON, D.C. -og体育赛事平台(CCJ)今天宣布,首席刑事司法专家马克·莱文(Marc Levin)将加入CCJ,担任首席政策顾问.  联邦法官的前法律助理, Levin was the founding director in 2005 of the Center for Effective Justice at the…

National Commission Recommends Reducing Density of Criminal Justice System Based on Lessons Learned During COVID-19

Led by Former U.S. Loretta Lynch和Alberto Gonzales, 不同的小组还表示,惩教人员, 应该优先为被监禁的人接种冠状病毒疫苗.

Coronavirus Infection Rates Remain Nearly Four Times Higher in State and Federal Prisons than in General Population

Half of early decline in jail population has been erased; average jail detention has doubled during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Infection Rates Remain Nearly Four Times Higher in State and Federal Prisons than in General Population

Half of early decline in jail population has been erased; average jail detention has doubled during the pandemic.


Advancing knowledge about the impacts of COVID-19 on state and federal prisons, 提交委员会的一份报告更新了之前og体育赛事劳教设施中COVID-19感染率和死亡率的报告,并描述了各州之间的差异.


纽约大学公共安全实验室的研究人员发布了一份报告, 基于来自39个州375个监狱的数据, 调查了监狱人口的变化, their composition, 以及1月起的再预订趋势. 1 through late October.

New Data Shows that Violent Crime Rates Remain Above 2019 Levels in Major American Cities

国家COVID-19和og体育赛事平台发布了一系列建议,呼吁执法领导人, the courts, 以及在刑事司法系统中减少COVID-19的纠正措施.




Learn more about Alice Marie Johnson's journey after her release from incarceration, including her role as CEO of the Taking Action for Good Foundation.

Council on Criminal Justice Launches Task Force to Advance Fair, Effective Policing

由民权和执法领导人组成的多元化小组, the Task Force on Policing, will identify evidence-based strategies to reduce police use of force and improve accountability.

Member Statements

Members share their views on the launch of the Task Force on Policing and what it means for the future of public safety. Art Acevedo, Chief, Houston Police Department; President, 主要城市酋长协会:“og体育赛事平台的社区正在受到伤害, and it’s essential that we not only demonstrate that we’re listening, 但og体育赛事平台也承诺……


纽约大学公共安全实验室的研究人员发布了一份报告, 基于来自39个州375个监狱的数据, 调查了监狱人口的变化, their composition, 以及1月起的再预订趋势. 1 through late July.


This report reviews racial disparities in health and criminal justice outcomes and explores, as well as possible, how those same disparities have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


卡洛斯·马丁内斯与委员会分享了他的故事, from his past as a public defender to helping citizens returning from incarceration obtain employment.

Impact Report: Evidence for Public Health Measures to Reduce Risk



A striking partisan divide characterizes public perceptions of police in the United States. The Council delves into these perceptions in a discussion with key researchers and experts.

USA Today: Former attorneys general – Criminal justice reform vital to slow spread of COVID-19


National Commission Issues Recommendations to Contain Coronavirus, 改善司法系统对未来卫生危机的准备

国家COVID-19和og体育赛事平台发布了一系列建议,呼吁执法领导人, the courts, 以及在刑事司法系统中减少COVID-19的纠正措施.

New Report Shows Rise in Homicides, Steep Drop in Property and Drug Offenses in Major U.S. Cities

Research for the National Commission on COVID-19 and criminal justice explores urban crime trends amid pandemic, ongoing social unrest.




纽约大学公共安全实验室的研究人员发布了一份报告, 基于来自39个州375个监狱的数据, 调查了监狱人口的变化, their composition, 以及1月起的再预订趋势. 1 through late July.


Advancing knowledge about the impacts of COVID-19 on state and federal prisons, 向委员会提交的一份报告审查了教养设施中COVID-19的感染率和死亡率,并描述了各州之间的差异.

Study Released by National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice Finds Corona



Two researchers briefed the Commission on their study exploring domestic violence calls for service to police.


Experts from the Urban Institute explore present and future financial challenges that have erupted due to COVID-19.

Former U.S. Attorneys General Gonzales and Lynch to Lead National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice

Diverse expert panel will assess pandemic’s impacts and produce roadmap for immediate and long-term reforms.


提交给委员会的第一份影响报告审查了最近美国主要城市的“居家令”和大规模抗议活动对犯罪率的影响.S. cities.

A True Second Chance: A Natural Experiment on Diversion in Texas Reveals Big Benefits for Crime, Employment

以延迟的形式出现的“第二次机会”真的有效吗? In this post, the Council reviews the research on Texas defendants who have received deferred adjudications of guilt.

Investing in Children Breaks Cycles of Poverty and Criminal Justice Involvement


Changing Police Recruitment Messages Attracts a Larger and More Diverse Applicant Pool

Research shows that when recruiting candidates for law enforcement, messaging is key. The Council reviews data demonstrating the changes in messaging that can build a wider, 更多样化的申请者.

Diverse in Expertise and Perspective, CCJ Members Serve as Media Resource for Broad Range of Topics

超过175名成员来自刑事司法领域, og体育赛事平台是og体育赛事平台记者的专家资源,报道从警务和犯罪趋势到纠正的一切问题, the courts, reentry, urban violence, and substance abuse, as well as the politics of reform and broader context of social and racial justice.…

CCJ任命Khalil Cumberbatch为高级研究员

Cumberbatch joins national organization focused on enhancing safety and justice New York, NY  – Khalil A. Cumberbatch, a nationally recognized formerly incarcerated advocate for criminal justice policy reform, has been named a Senior Fellow by the Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ), 一个无党派的邀请会员组织和智囊团. 康伯巴奇将在这部电影中扮演主角,帮助导演……


DeRay Mckesson, 零运动联合创始人, and Charles Ramsey, 前华盛顿警察局长, D.C. and Philadelphia, discuss the meaning of defunding the police and the role of law enforcement in society.

Expert Task Force Unveils Consensus Roadmap for Federal Action on Criminal Justice

COVID-19 pandemic adds urgency to 15 evidence-based recommendations for improving public safety, health, and justice WASHINGTON, D.C. ——以前所未有的速度和力量, COVID-19颠覆了美国人的生活, sidelining entire industries while devastating families and communities. It has also laid bare the perilous vulnerabilities of our nation’s criminal justice system – and everyone connected…


og体育赛事平台(工作人员, Board of Trustees, and members) share their thoughts on law enforcement and their role in our communities.


Facing COVID-19, 一系列og体育赛事平台网络活动, 突出了在保护公共安全的第一线工作的领导人, public health, and justice as the criminal justice system responds to the coronavirus pandemic.




The Council convened a panel of leaders from across the justice system to examine the challenges facing COVID-19.



An Overloaded Criminal Justice System Responds to a Public Health Crisis

The Council launched a series of video panels featuring Council leaders and members grappling with the pandemic.

Leadership Summit

On October 17, the Council on Criminal Justice and Arnold Ventures convened 200 top leaders, 来自整个刑事司法和政策领域的思想家和实业家,探讨塑造当今刑事司法改革格局的关键力量和趋势.